SkyWest Airlines

Job Information

SkyWest Airlines CRJ Procedures Training Instructor in Salt Lake City, Utah

Primary Job Duties

The job is based in SLC - If a pilot is domiciled elsewhere that is ok - SkyWest will provide a hotel in SLC.

Time commitment-one year from qualification. (No upgrade for 12 months once qualification is complete)

The qualification process requires observation of each qualification and upgrade FTD session. In addition, the instructor will be observed teaching each day of initial qualification FTD including the PV. During the observation, the FTD instructor must meet all of the proficiency objectives for that session.

  • Teach FTD in accordance with department policy and established training syllabus

  • Work on special projects as assigned

  • Stay current by being observed regularly, complete instructor training, and attend required meetings

  • Working conditions/policy

  • Normally, FTD assignments are pre-assigned

  • Pre-assigned days are determined by Training Coordination or the Manager CRJ Fleet Training

  • Pre-assigned days could vary between 0 and 15 per month. After qualification the typical pre-assignment is 5-7 days

  • Each pre-assigned day credits six hours (Four hours for observation sessions.)

  • Credit for work on days which are not pre-assigned (covering for sick instructor etc.) is based on the number of hours worked. FTD assignments pay 1:1, other assignments pay 1:2

  • Assignments are regularly required on holidays

  • Assignments are regularly required on weekends

  • Job code will continue to be “Pilot.” FTD is considered an additional responsibility. As such, instructors are not bound by the PPM (MDG, overtime, etc.) during training department assignments. Training department policy, rules, and standards apply

Minimum Requirements

Position is open for SkyWest Qualified CRJ First Officers only

  • IOE and qualification Line Check Complete

  • No training failures in the past 18 months

  • Cannot be in special tracking

  • Cannot be in the DMA program (conflicts with pre-assignments)

  • Excellent reliability

  • Willingness to work within the confines of SkyWest AQP

Competitive Qualifications:

  • 100+ hours CRJ flight experience

  • Excellent ability to communicate ideas

  • Desire to collaborate with and work in a team

  • Customer service mindset toward job

  • Very high level of personal and corporate integrity

  • Highly driven to excel in this position

Physical and Other Requirements

Please complete the online application.

SkyWest is committed to maintaining a working environment of satisfying employment and mutual respect for all of our employees, regardless of race, color, national ancestory, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, religion, medical condition, disability, pregnancy, age or military status. We have specific training plans and programs in place to maintain such an environment.