SkyWest Airlines

Job Information

SkyWest Airlines Manager of Reliability in St. George, Utah

Primary Job Duties

As the Manager of Reliability, you will be responsible for the direction and supervision of the various members of our Reliability organization.

  • The Manager of Reliability is responsible to ensure that the personnel within the Reliability organizations are adequately trained and receive ongoing training with regard to the specified job functions

  • Responsible for the Reliability Department and ensures that SkyWest is in compliance with the Reliability Program as outlined in the GMM 2.1.25

  • Work with SkyWest leadership to support the departmental goals and objectives

  • Provide support to the Director of MX Planning and Support in reviewing and implementing revision to GMM 1.5 as needed

  • Responsible for maintaining a high level of fleet dispatch reliability by reviewing MISRs, SDRs, ODIs and other system reliability data

  • Provides recommendation for staffing of those areas he/she is responsible.

  • Reviews applicability and effectiveness of aircraft inspection programs.

  • Perform any other tasks as assigned by the Director of MX Planning and Support Additional Duties/Responsibilities as identified in GMM Sections and SOPs

  • Recommends maintenance program adjustments to the Reliability Board based on findings and analysis

  • Serve as the Chairperson of the Reliability Board

Minimum Requirements

  • Hold a valid A&P Certificate (exceptions may apply based on experience)

  • Familiar with SkyWest manuals

  • Exercises good judgement in working with people as well as in aircraft maintenance and safety

  • Has a thorough knowledge of GMM Policy and Procedures

  • Familiar with Federal Aviation Regulations

  • Level 3 or equivalent experience preferred

  • Have working knowledge of SkyTrack, the Reliability Program, the SkyWest Time Limits Manual and the GMM

  • Deep understanding with MSG-3 Analysis and Reliability Control Methods

  • Have appropriate skills with computer and data analysis

Physical and Other Requirements

  • Willingness and ability to travel as required

  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

SkyWest is committed to maintaining a working environment of satisfying employment and mutual respect for all of our employees, regardless of race, color, national ancestory, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, religion, medical condition, disability, pregnancy, age or military status. We have specific training plans and programs in place to maintain such an environment.